Thinking about decorating your home this year? If that’s the case, at some stage, you’ll inevitably have to address the choice of colour.

Unless you’re an experienced interior designer - or simply have an eye for colour - this is one of the hardest steps.

After all, how can you tell exactly what a colour will look like before you apply it to the walls - even if you use tester pots?

The good news? Each year, people who really understand home colours offer us some guidance on the best colours to choose for contemporary, modern results. Here are the pick of the colours for 2020.


Terracotta has typically been a colour that’s put to use in gardens, but you can expect to see it used more wholesomely indoors this year, too.

Warm, putty-like colours are a great way to appreciate patina and age and work well in pretty much any room.

Hunter green

A classic masculine colour, hunter green looks great on kitchen tiles and will offer a chic, handsome look when applied to other rooms, too.

If this doesn’t quite float your boat, opt for saddle brown or navy blue instead - other great classic masculine colours.

Burnt orange

Arguably, this is probably a colour you want to be a little careful with, but it can offer just the right amount of ‘pop’ for certain spaces.

For instance, your back door or a guest bedroom are great places in which to use burnt orange to make a statement. Just don’t overuse it (unless that’s your thing)!


Stop it, we’re blushing.

The term ‘millennial pink’ was coined in 2016, and as a result, blush has been used considerably in interior design.

It’s expected to continue in popularity this year and is a great way to add an acceptable level of chic to any room - particularly when combined with furniture of the same colour.


You can argue until you’re blue in the face as to whether or not this is actually a colour, but that really isn’t the point of this blog.

No, white really is a paint colour trend for 2020 that demands exploration. White on white doesn’t have to be boring, either - it makes rooms look ultra-clean, contemporary and modern and suits pretty much any space.

Who’d have known white was so versatile?

Classic blue

There are so many shades of blue that have been put to use in home decor, but in 2020, classic blue is the hue most people are expected to turn to.

Representing a dusk sky, classic blue is reassuring, warm and, some would say, thought-provoking. It can blend effortlessly with multi-coloured furniture and sit proudly behind any wall art, pictures or canvas prints you decide to hang.

Blue remains a staple and dependable choice for home decor, and classic blue is likely to be incredibly popular for the next year or two - a great choice.

Which will you choose?

We hope we’ve given you food for thought when it comes to colour choices for your home decor.

Which one has got you excited the most for your 2020 renovations?

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