How is painting outdoors affected by hot weather?

Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean those DIY projects are put on hold. As a nation of home improvers, many of us have a DIY to-do list as long as our arms after over a year spent in lockdown.

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Top tips when using gloss paint

Gloss paint unlocks a number of advantages for home improvers, a fact that makes it a bestseller in DIY stores across the country.

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What should you look for when searching for a plasterer for your home?

Unlike many other home improvement tasks, plastering is one that you simply can’t ‘do it yourself’! The art of plastering takes years to master, which makes finding an experienced and...

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What are the different types of paint that you can use throughout your home?

Choosing the right paint colour is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges facing any home improver. After choosing the perfect colour however, there’s more decisions to make.

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How to prepare your room for painting

Giving any room within your home a quick lick of paint is an easy way to transform the space.  The only problem is these paint jobs aren’t as quick and easy as they look! 

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What to consider when painting outdoors

Whether you’re sprucing up your fence with a fresh lick of paint or repainting the exterior of your entire home, completing outdoor paintwork to the highest standards is vital - the curb appeal of your property depends on it! 

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Top tips for hanging wallpaper

Of all the decorating tasks people fear the most, wallpaper is probably up there.

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2020 colours for your home?

Thinking about decorating your home this year? If that’s the case, at some stage, you’ll inevitably have to address the choice of colour.

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