Wallpaper is making a huge comeback for 2023, with wall coverings of all colours, themes and styles top choices for those looking to create interiors that are bang on trend. Whether going bright and bold with your wallpaper or elegant and timeless, knowing how to hang your chosen design will ensure a look you love for the long haul.

Here we share our expert tips for hanging wallpaper so you can enjoy this top trend and an impressive finish in your very own home.

Prepare your space

As with any decorating job, a professional finish begins with the right prep. Before you start hanging your new wallpaper, make sure the room is ready for its application.

Existing wallpaper should be removed completely before the new wall covering is hung. There are many methods for effective wallpaper removal, including chemical and steam stripping. Fixtures and fixings should also be removed from walls at this stage, with any resulting holes filled with a premium quality filler.

If you are hanging wallpaper on fresh plaster, be sure to seal your walls first. Applying a quality wall sealer will enhance wallpaper paste adhesion to ensure a quick and easy job, and a beautiful finish.

Consider lining first

The debate about whether to line your walls before hanging your new wallpaper rages on. We’d certainly recommend hanging good quality lining paper. Liners prevent shrinkage, which causes gaps, and conceal staining and imperfections that could ruin that all-important final look.

Stock up on supplies

You’ll need a few supplies to hang wallpaper like a pro, including wallpaper paste, pasting brush, smoother, snap off knife, ruler, scissors, seam roller, spirit level, and protective sheeting. You will also require your chosen wallpaper in the right quantities. Measure the space that will be papered accurately, adding 10% extra for wastage.

Mix your adhesive

Now your walls are clean, dry, smooth and sufficiently prepped, it’s time to mix your adhesive or wallpaper paste. Always follow the instructions on the label if your selected product isn’t ready mixed.

Once mixed, apply thinly and evenly from the top of the wall to the bottom with your pasting brush. Apply enough paste to hang one length at a time.

Position your wallpaper

Get your wallpaper (cut to length with a slight overhang) in line with your pasted area, making sure it is straight, and apply to the wall. Next, use your smoother from the centre to the edges to iron out any bubbles or wrinkles.

Trim the excess and repeat

Use your snap off knife and ruler to trim the excess from the bottom of the wallpaper length, flattening the edge with your seam roller, and repeat!

You don’t have to take on the task of wallpapering alone! Our professional decorators can assist you on your upcoming project.

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