Gloss paint unlocks a number of advantages for home improvers, a fact that makes it a bestseller in DIY stores across the country.

Whether water or oil based, gloss paint is a fantastic choice for high humidity areas (including kitchens and bathrooms) and high traffic zones within the home, such as those heavily used stairwells. It can also be used elsewhere to accentuate features, with balustrades, crown mouldings, ornate skirting board and fireplace mantels all drawing the eye thanks to a lick of gloss paint.

Using gloss paint however is difficult for novice DIYers, but with our top tips you can apply gloss like a pro for a truly spectacular finish.


Start with the right prep

As with any paint job, achieving a great gloss finish depends on the preparation of the surface. Prep the surface you intend to paint well, sanding wood to a smooth finish and washing all types of surfaces thoroughly with sugar soap before you get started.

You should also invest in a good quality gloss paint product and paint brush to ensure the perfect glossed look. Your brush in particular should be soft and flexible. A wiry, stiff brush is more likely to present visible brush marks after application.

It’s also a good idea to apply primer before coating the surface with high gloss or gloss paint.


Avoid overloading your brush

It’s all too easy to overload your brush when applying gloss paint. As a rule of thumb when applying any type of paint, only cover a third of the brush bristles to prevent overloading.

When applying by brush, paint in long strokes, going over the area in the same manner with an unloaded brush to spread the coat evenly.


Consider the alternatives

Remember applying by brush isn’t your only option. If you’re painting flat, even surfaces, use a gloss roller for a brush stroke free, flawless finish.

For the painting of more ornate, intricate features, you could even use a sprayer. When using a sprayer to apply gloss paint, spray in multiple, thin coats allowing plenty of time to dry in between. This will ensure a stunning finish and reduce drips so there’s less to clear up.


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