With vegan products rather popular these days, and vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters all reaping the rewards of these diary-free wonders, it should come as no surprise that vegan products are making a positive impact in the painting and decorating industry.

Vegan paints are becoming must-use products for professionals and avid home improvers alike. But what are vegan paints? And what do you need to know when purchasing and using these products within your home?


What is vegan paint?

Unbeknown to most, standard paint products contain a number of animal ingredients. Casein, shellac, fish oil, ox gall and beeswax are just some of the animal and animal derived ingredients found in paint.

Vegan paints swap these animal ingredients with natural or plant based materials to unlock a long list of benefits for your health and the planet.


Why should I use vegan paints?

Vegan paints are super sustainable, using zero animal products to produce cruelty-free paints that you can use in every room of the house. By forgoing animal and animal derived ingredients like the ones mentioned above, they also boast lower VOC (volatile organic compound) levels, which are toxic and harmful to human health.

Using vegan paint is a more pleasant experience too, with less odour during and after your paint job, and improved air quality in both the short and long term.


How do vegan paints compare to standard products?

After much development, vegan paints provide exceptional quality, offering the beauty, easy application and durability you’d expect in any paint job. Choosing your paint brand wisely is the key to finding the vegan product that rivals premium, non-vegan paint.

Lakeland Paints, Auro, Kreidezeit, Earthborn and Farrow & Ball are just some of the brands developing and delivering top-rated vegan paint products in the UK.


Are there any disadvantages to using vegan paint?

When compared with standard, non-vegan paint, there are many advantages that can be harnessed by going natural, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. The vegan paint market is however limited, which means a smaller selection of shades to choose from. With the popularity of vegan paints growing, the choice of vegan paints is increasing with matt, washable and durable finishes now available in multiple shades via the best vegan paint brands.

It is important to note that vegan paints aren’t suitable for every surface. You may also need to use primer before applying vegan paint to ensure the best possible finish.

Looking for a professional to apply your carefully selected vegan paint? Find a local decorator right here.


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