Unlike many other home improvement tasks, plastering is one that you simply can’t ‘do it yourself’! The art of plastering takes years to master, which makes finding an experienced and reliable plasterer a must, whatever the scale of the project. Here we share our top tips for finding a plasterer for your home.


Understand what makes a good plasterer

Having some basic knowledge of what plastering entails will help you to sort the wheat from the chaff when finding a great plasterer for your home.

With a decent level of knowledge, you can ask the questions that will catch inexperienced or unqualified plasterers out, and find the perfect tradesperson for you. When gathering quotes, ask how they’ll prepare for the project and how they plan to do the job.


Don’t always go for the cheapest deal

If the quote you receive from a plasterer is too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, great plasterers aren’t cheap – like we said plastering is a skill that few tradespeople possess and take a long time honing.

When hiring a plasterer, always aim to go for quality. Whilst a quick skim job with very little prep will look good in the short term, it’s unlikely to stand the test of time. Good plasterwork is an investment and one that will impact the wider feel, look, quality and value of your home.


Ask about experience and qualifications

Enquiring about what experience and qualifications your shortlisted plasterers have is another essential. Plasterers tend to have specific expertise working with different types of plaster or completing projects on particular areas of the home. Some work on new builds whilst others tackle traditional properties and listed buildings exclusively for example. Others specialise in internal plastering, whilst some focus on external rendering.

Formal qualifications, such as City & Guilds diplomas, provide an additional insight into their credentials.


Make a point of seeing previous projects

A plasterer confident in their work will be more than happy to share their portfolio with you. If you can speak to a previous customer yourself that’s even better! Previous customers will be able to shed some light on the quality of their work as well as their approach to cleanliness, preparation and aftercare.


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You don’t have to take on the search for the perfect plasterer alone. If you’re looking for a reliable service that’s cost effective, efficient and made to last, you’re in the right place. 


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