Whether you’re sprucing up your fence with a fresh lick of paint or repainting the exterior of your entire home, completing outdoor paintwork to the highest standards is vital - the curb appeal of your property depends on it! Whilst any paintwork shortcomings indoors can be concealed rather easily, exterior paintwork will be on show for all to see. But with the following tips and tricks, any outdoor paint job can be completed to the highest standard.

Prep and paint in the right conditions

The great British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but choosing your time wisely for surface preparation and painting is a must. Check the weather forecast and choose a dry day for your project.

Remember, it’s all in the prep

As the saying goes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, and this couldn’t be truer when painting externally.

How you prepare for painting depends on the type and condition of the surface you are planning to paint. Those painting brickwork for instance, should pressure wash the brick and treat with a specialist brick cleaner to remove any moss and mildew. The brick should then be left to dry out appropriately. Cleaning may exposure dents, cracks and other damage, which you may want to repair to ensure a pristine finish.

Once the area is prepared, don’t forget to mask any surface that you don’t want to be painted, such as windows, doors and trims. Do this with plastic or paper and a good quality masking tape.

Choose your weapon

There are a number of ways that exterior paint can be applied. As well as doing your research when it comes to the type of paint that will don your wall or fence, look closely at the tools you’ll be using. Paint sprayers are particularly popular and allow you to cover larger areas much faster with less effort than the traditionally used rollers and brushes.

A brush and roller however provides better results on more porous surfaces or on brickwork where the paint needs to be worked into the mortar joints.

Call in the professionals

For a professional result without the headache, hire an experienced decorator to transform exterior walls, fences, windows, decking and outbuildings. Many of our decorators offer outdoor painting services and finding the perfect painter and decorator for you is just a few clicks away thanks to our online service. Start your search today!

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