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Our easy to use website of specialised contractors can help you with every part of commercial decorating including:

  • Full exterior and interior painting of offices and commercial premises
  • Protective coatings applied
  • Restoration of walls, ceilings and floors
  • Hygienic paints for site specific industry purposes
  • Minor repairs and refurbishments 
  • Work to industry approved regulations
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Decorating Different Commercial Premises

A professional decorating team can fulfil any sort of job requirements. Each commercial property will require its own industry specific work.

An experienced commercial decorating team can decorate anything in the commercial sector to the same high standards.

Offices, hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals can all be decorated thoroughly and diligently.   

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The Right Tools for the Job

Commercial decorators use the best paint, materials and tools for each job.

Different environments call for different equipment, and the contractors will provide everything necessary for any particular project. For example, hospitals and kitchens will require different paints to an office block.

All requirements will be agreed upon during the planning process.

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What Do Commercial Decorators Do?

Commercial decorating teams work from a carefully considered process. While it's true that every job is unique, the step by step approach is useful to work from in most cases. By communicating with you throughout every stage of the project, you can rest assured in the overall quality of work. During the work the decorating team will: 


  • Visit the property and draw up plans based  on your specific requirements
  • Advice on a colour schemes and designs
  • Order in all necessary tools and materials
  • Order protective coating and Eco-friendly paints as required
  • Clear the working space of furniture and machinery
  • Lay down protective materials for floors, walls and ceilings
  • Work throughout the premises to specific requirements
  • Full inspection of the property before close of the project
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Skilled teams proficient in Commercial Decorating jobs can be found easily via the UK-wide database The user-friendly site covers experienced tradespeople up and down the UK. You can easily access their contact details by searching on the site. The secure search facility offers a simple way of getting the job done right.   

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