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The secure website includes the contact details of painters and decorators up and down the country who can carry out the work.

Hiring an experienced decorator to take care of your outdoor painting will offer the best results. They can assist with every aspect of outdoor painting including:   


  • Residential and commercial exterior painting
  • Inspect exterior material to ensure the appropriate paint is used
  • Full preparation of walls and surfaces
  • Prepare and paint walls, window spaces, facades and roof areas
  • Offer weatherproof coatings and solutions
  • Ensure all necessary tools and equipment are ready for the job
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Why Hire an Exterior Painter?

Painting the exterior of a building is a different proposition to working in the interior.

Painters will need to come equipped with ladders to reach every angle and surface of the outside.

They will also need coverings to help combat challenging weather conditions.

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Different Types of Outdoor Painting

All kinds of properties will benefit from a professional exterior paint job.

Skilled contractors will provide expert outdoor painting of office buildings, warehouses, factories and residential properties.

By applying the right type of paint including weatherproof solutions, different types of buildings can be effectively protected.

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How Do Exterior Painters Carry Out the Job?

When you hire a professional painter to paint the exterior of a building they generally follow a tried and tested work pattern. You can expect them to:


  • View the property and take all necessary measurements
  • Discuss with you to find out exactly what work needs doing
  • Order in all necessary ladders and scaffolding works
  • Order in all paints, varnishes and solutions
  • Assess the state of the exterior woodwork and metalwork
  • Prepare surfaces for painting
  • Apply paint to all required exterior spaces including window frames
  • Apply varnishes and wood-stain as required
  • Clean up all equipment and work spaces
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It is easy to find the most suitable trades-person to undertake exterior painting. By searching on you can access our UK-wide database of painters and decorators. The user friendly web site offers a secure and direct way to get your exterior painting job done right. 

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