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By searching on you can find decorators local to you who can assist with every aspect of tiling. They can :

  • Offer advice on the right kind of tiles for your requirements
  • Order in all necessary tiles
  • Come prepared with all necessary tools and equipment
  • Removal of old tiles
  • Prepare walls and surfaces for tiling
  • Efficient placement of tiles in bathrooms, kitchen and exterior walls
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Why Hire a Tiler?

Putting tiles up securely requires a professional approach and a level of skill and experience.

It is not recommended to try as a DIY task as there is plenty of potential for mess and mistakes.

Entrusting a tiler who has access to the best equipment and materials will ensure that everything is handled properly. 




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Different Types of Tiles

A tiler will be able to assist with every part of positioning and placing your chosen tiles. They can also advise on the various tiles available if you need help finding suitable products. Different tiles include:


  • Slate
  • Porcelain
  • Marble
  • Natural Stone
  • Ceramic
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What is the Tiling Process?

Once you have decided on the style and design of tiles that you want to be laid down, the tiler can begin the process of placing them in the space. They will follow a methodical pattern of activity, taking care to communicate with you at every stage to ensure you're happy with the work. During the work thee following steps will be taken :


  • Removal of any old tiles
  • Full measurement of the work space
  • Supply all materials and tools
  • Cut any tiles that need cutting
  • Carry out grouting and adhesive spreading
  • Careful fully insured fitting of tiles in work space
  • Full inspection of work
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Tiling with is a secure and user friendly way to find the right tiler for your specific needs. The user-friendly site includes a nationwide database of professionals who can help with any kind of tiling job. Simply search for a tiler near you to locate the best way to get the job done right.

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