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Experienced decorators are used to facing the particular challenges that wallpapering tasks include such as:

  • Measuring the premises carefully and accurately
  • Correct cutting and sizing of all wallpaper
  • Mixing the correct type of wallpaper paste
  • Being prepared with all necessary tools and equipment
  • Fixing your chosen style of wallpaper onto interior walls
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The Art of Wallpapering

Wallpaper has enjoyed something of a resurgence as an interior decorating finish.

It is popular as it can offer a distinct look and finish to a room.

With different colour schemes and creative patterns and prints, the possibilities for a creative application are potentially limitless.

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Hiring a Decorator for a Superior Wallpaper Finish

Professional decorators have access to the best materials, tools and equipment.

They also have the experience and skills necessary for the best result.

When you hire a professional decorator to put up wallpaper you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly and to schedule.

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Steps to Follow for Successful Wallpapering

Professional decorators tend to follow a work pattern that has proven to be successful over a number of jobs. They will communicate with you at every stage of the work to confirm that they are doing what is required. Over the course of the working activity they will:


  • Discuss with you to select the correct wallpaper and paste for the job
  • View property and assess exactly what equipment and materials are needed
  • Carefully clear the work space of furniture and personal belongings
  • Prepare all walls for wallpapering
  • Prepare and mix wallpaper paste
  • Ensure that the floor is properly covered with a cloth to protect from spills
  • Place wallpaper on the walls professionally accounting for all doorways and window spaces
  • Allow the paper to dry and then clear the workspace thoroughly
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If you are looking for a contractor to carry out a wallpapering job has the answer. Our nationwide database of painters and decorators offers you the contact details of skilled tradespeople up and down the country. The secure and easy to use website provides everything you need to hire a decorator in complete confidence. Check to get the job done right. 

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